Web development agency in Reading

WeCreate are a web development agency based on the Portman Road in Reading.

We understand that websites are a high priority for all businesses regardless of what is that you do or how big or small your company is.

That’s because your website will form a key part to your success as a business, providing a 24/7 shop window where potential customers can be converted to paying clients.

Not having a website means you will be missing out on business.

Having a poor quality website can lose you business.

Your business needs a website that is

  • Modern looking and industry relevant providing that all important great first impression.
  • Intuitive to use, for both you and your visitors.
  • Provides a potential client with the information that they need in order to be able to make a decision about a purchase.
  • Makes it easy for them to make that purchase, be it a product within an online store or the ability to secure a required service.

Great web development generates business

You may not be a web developer but you know a good website when you see and use one.

A well developed website is aesthetically pleasing, fast, easy and intuitive to use.

It has all of the information required to make an informed decision on purchasing a product or service and makes it easy to make that purchase or get in touch to reserve that service.

With a strong online presence, your business is reflected in the best possible light.

It builds trust and shows you have invested money in your business and makes people want to use your services or buy products.

As a web development agency, we ensure that the above is exactly the experience that you website will provide and that your customers will love to use.

Regardless of your budget, we can deliver a website for you that will provide a marketing tool that will work hard for you.

How do we as web developers add value to your business and ensure your website generates your business money?

Attention to detail

We love attention to detail.

When we see a set of website visuals, we instantly know how to convert those into a pixel perfect digital recreation using modern web development methods.

That also includes ensuring it is responsive so that regardless of whether someone is accessing your website on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop, they’ll get a consistent, optimised experience for that device.

Our websites are optimised for SEO helping you improve your Google rankings

We build with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind from the outset and provide you with the means to manage that SEO in-house in the simplest way possible.

It’s so simple that you will be automatically provided with actionable suggestions that can take your SEO and your Google rankings to the next level, generating organic traffic for your business.

A simple traffic light system for every piece of content that you generate will help you to understand where to focus efforts and pretty quickly you’ll know the process for creating great content.

Powerful and intuitive CMS (Content Management System) integration that makes you want to publish content

Fresh content is vital for your website ranking highly in Google so we want you to find publishing content a pleasure.

Therefore your website will be extremely use to build and maintain and we’ll never make you battle with your CMS (Content Management System). This will be the interface that allows you to publish your content, be that a page, blog post, case study or product in an online shop.

Of course you may want someone to populate all of your content for you and ensure it is SEO friendly.

We of course provide that service, but if a complicated CMS has put you off managing that task in the past, then you may be surprised just how easy one of our websites is to use.

Ultimately, we want you to feel empowered and confident to take on that responsibility in-house, should you wish to do so.

Then there’s all of the little things that contribute to great web development

  • Code and image compression to ensure your site runs fast.
  • Writing maintainable code that is scaleable.
  • Using sensible naming conventions so that the client can use their CMS with ease.
  • An SSL certifcate for site security that gives visitors the confidence to share personal information and make purchases.
  • Putting your site live on reliable, secure and fast hosting.
  • Updating your site regularly to keep security strong and functionality as intended.

We’re a Web Development Agency in Reading with over 20 years of experience

We believe being a great web development agency requires some key skills that we always adhere to when developing a website.

  1. Clear, concise, punctual and friendly communications with our clients.
  2. Conversion of website visuals / designs into a pixel perfect digital recreation.
  3. Use of modern web development techniques that give a consistent and optimised experience across browsers and devices.
  4. Ensure the CMS (Content Management System) is simple and intuitive to use so that there is absolutely zero barriers to creating content for a website.
  5. Always build with Google rankings in mind and make it extremely easy to manage SEO in house if desired.
  6. Maintain the security and functionality of the site so that visitor data is safe and our clients have peace of mind.

Some examples of our web development work

RBC Customs

Berkshire Youth


Albert Fields

"We've worked with a number of web developers and WeCreate are, without doubt, the most helpful web development agency to work with, clearly guiding you through the whole web building process seamlessly."

Russell King, Company Director, Butterscotch Design

"When I had any questions, WeCreate would immediately deal with my query at the end of the phone in a caring and supportive manner. Without hesitation I would recommend their services."

Caroline Badcock, Company Director, Modus Construction

If you can think of the functionality then we can build it

Whatever your requirements for your website are, we can help. We’ve built:

  • Large online shops which completely moved platforms and involved the migration of vast quantities of products from disparate database setups.
  • Leaderboard websites for sales companies to gamify and incentivive sales staff, which used a mixture of manual and automatically generated points.
  • Internal company intranet websites allowing company staff to communicate with each other with all of the functionality you’d expect from a social media platform, e.g. live chat, friend requests, forums etc

We’ve worked with Reading Football Club, Oxford University, Dragon’s Den contestants and small local businesses and charities.

It’s not that we like to brag, more demonstrate that we are web development experts who are more than a safe pair of hands.

We are a web development agency who you can trust to turn your ideas into reality and we’d love to work with you.

So how do you choose a web development agency?

We don’t have our heads buried in the sand. We know our clients reach out to numerous web development agencies before choosing someone to partner with.

From our conversations with clients, we know the following is important to them.

  • A strong portfolio of work. You can see our portfolio here.
  • Solution oriented agency that rises to all challenges.
  • Quality, punctual communications that demonstrate the agency knows what they are talking about.
  • Clear and concise project estimates. Breaking down project costs into component parts in such a way that individual elements coucan be dropped if deemed too expensive or projects can be phased if budget is a concern.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about your next website project so please give us a call on 0118 957 6290 or fill in our form below.