We want to build your next website

We build websites that are mobile friendly, Google optimised, easy for clients to maintain, easy for visitors to use and most importantly convert those visitors into customers.

It’s time to get to know us a little bit better!

Founded in 2010, WeCreate is a web development agency based in Reading.

We team up with some of the best agencies across Berkshire as well as individuals to turn their website visuals and ideas into pixel perfect code that works across all devices.

The majority of our work comes from design agencies who have no in-house development expertise or are under-resourced in this area. We step in, as and when required, to bolster their team.

We are genuinely passionate about what we do and most importantly enjoy doing it. No Sunday night work blues for us!!!

We bring our vast wealth of experience to the table and provide solutions to any desired functionality on a website.

If you would like to work with us on your next project then please get in touch today. To see exactly what it is we have to offer you, take a look at our portfolio of work.


We’ve all had jobs where at the end of the day, it’s hard to quantify what you’ve done or whether you’ve made a difference.

Having something tangible to show in the form of a website is very rewarding and motivating and it drives us to constantly improve and innovate.

We realise that we’re very lucky to enjoy what we do and this is reflected in the quality of our work and all of our interactions with our clients.


Tangibility comes with a price. Our websites are in the public domain, anyone can access them.

If we were stupid enough to do a bad job, then it’s easy for our reputation to be damaged.

On the flip side, when we do a good job, it generates visitors / clients for you and more business for us. We thrive on that, which is a great thing for you and us.

We believe websites MUST do ALL of the following

  • Generate business for you.
  • Be extremely easy and intuitive for you to maintain.
  • Be extremely easy and intuitive for your visitors to use.
  • Work across all devices e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone.
  • Be visually pleasing.
  • Tell people exactly what you do. No confusion.
  • Make it clear what action you would like your visitor to take next.
  • Be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly and allow you to take control of your SEO strategy with ease.
  • Allow you to easily monitor your traffic and make smart decisions to generate more.

LOCSU Website

RBC Customs Website

The whole process of creating our company website was made so much easier by WeCreate. They provided user-friendly templates and high-quality graphics, as well as a WordPress training session after which we were able to upload and tweak the website content to our exact requirements.

Gareth Bevan, Company Director, RBC Customs

We’ve worked with a number of web developers and WeCreate are, without doubt, the most helpful company to work with, clearly guiding you through the whole web building process seamlessly.

Russell King, Company Director, Butterscotch Design

I was worried about being a non-technical person, however John at WeCreate Design put all my worries at ease. I had strong layout ideas for our site which were then generated into a set of simple to use templates. After some training, I was ready to populate our site.

Caroline Badcock, Company Director, Modus Construction

If you’re interested in working with us, then give us a call on 0118 957 6290, email us at hello@wecreatedesign.co.uk or fill in the form below.