Web Design, Reading

If you’re looking for someone to design your next website, then we can help.

We will ensure your site is:

  • Aesthetically stunning.
  • Designed to work across all devices, be that a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Makes it immediately clear what you do.
  • Has plenty of calls to action.
  • Makes it clear what action you would like your visitor to take next.
  • Incorporates data capture forms.

How we like to work

Discovery Meeting

We always like to kick things off with a discovery meeting.

This allows you to to tell us exactly what it is that you want and also allows us to throw our vast wealth of experience into the mix.

You may have seen some websites that have captured your imagination in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

You’ll also be able to explain what your website needs to do in terms of being a success, be that increased traffic, sales, sign-ups etc


Laying out your website without all of the distractions, e.g. fonts, images, colours may sound strange but it ensures that the structure of the site and the user journey is correct.

A good set of wireframes provides a solid foundation and ensures what follows is on the right track.


We’re good listeners, so based upon our discovery meeting, our designs will be exactly in keeping with your expectations.

However, we don’t drop you all your designs in one go.

Typically we begin with your homepage and one other. This allows us to take on any feedback that you may have and you are of course entitled to amendments.

Once you are completely happy with those initial pages, we then proceed with the remaining designs.

What Next

Once you’ve got your designs, you’re going to want your website turned into pixel perfect code within a CMS (Content Management System) that puts you in full control of your site including your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. Our web development services are just what you need.

We’re based in Reading on the Portman Road.

If you’re interested in our web design services then please give us a call on 0118 957 6290 or fill in our form.

See a selection of our work below