Web design is important because statistics show that a visitor to your website will take just 0.05 seconds to decide whether or not they will engage with your site any further.

Some may see that as worrying, but actually we see it as an excellent opportunity to flex our web design expertise.

Solid web design ensures first impressions of your website are positive.

We ensure that your visitors will want to engage with your site and that those visitors will have a greater chance of becoming a customer.

Good website design to us means:

Your offering is clear

Websites often confuse a visitor as to what it is that is actually being offered.

If you consider the fact that a user to your site has an expectation of what it is they are about to see and you then confuse them, it’s going to be hard to build a relationship with that customer.

They’ll simply look at another competitors website which reinforces their expectations.

Your user takes a specific action

Ultimately your visitor has free will with regards to how they navigate through your site, but cleverly designed websites can lead your visitor to taking an action that you want them to take.

Your website looks modern

Design trends are constantly changing.

What was fit-for-purpose yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today.

Good design gives you a competitive edge in that it shows you are in touch with the expectations of a visitor.

It also promotes your brand consistently across all devices i.e. laptop, tablet and mobile.

Please see our portfolio for some examples of our work

1. Initial consultation

After initial contact we will meet up with you to discuss your website. This gives us a chance to understand what you want and also a chance for us to throw our expertise in to the mix.

From this meeting we will produce a document that we send to you.

This gives you confidence that we have understood what it is that you want.

2. Wireframes

Wireframes give structure to a site without all of the distractions.

Without colours, imagery, fonts, animations etc, we can be sure that the structure and user journey is correct.

It’s quick and gives you early confidence that your site is going to do what you want it to do.

Remember the further down the line you go with any project, the more expensive it is to go back and rectify.

By nailing down the wireframes, we can be sure that what follows is based on a solid foundation.

3. Design

Now we flesh out the wireframes taking into account your branding, adding imagery and fonts.

We’ll provide you with mobile and desktop visuals so that you know how it will look across all devices.

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