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  • CMS integration
  • Members only area
  • Multisite template system
  • News feed pulled in from parent site
  • Personal news feed



LOC Online is the second website of the optical trilogy that we built in colloboration with Cream.

There are 75 LOCs (Local Optical Committees) across the UK.

Each LOC requires a website that allows local optical professionals to learn about their staff / committee, what services are operating in that area and any other information that the LOC would like to communicate.

To set the scene, the quality of websites, for those LOCs who even had a website, was poor.

It was therefore necessary to provide each LOC with the opportunity to have their own professional website in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

To ensure it was a quality offering, we built a number of templates which offer customisation and consistency across the LOCs.

The whole network of sites is centrally managed.  This ensures not only 100% consistency across the site by virtue of the fact that everyone gets everything, but also that security and updates are consistent across all sites.

As well as allowing individual LOCS to publish their own news, we also pull in a news feed from their parent site LOCSU. This is a clever way of generating fresh content for each LOC if for whatever reason they haven’t managed to or do not have anything to publish on their own site.

The CMS is highly intuitive and allows for a number of customisations.  So whilst there is a common look and feel across the LOCs, they can still maintain their individual brand.

On top of that we built a portal through which to access them all.

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