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Welcome to WeCreate.

If you’re looking for a web designer in Reading to help generate traffic to your website and money for your business, then we are in the perfect postion to help.

Great web design to us means your website will:

  • Be aesthetically pleasing, giving a vital first impression.
  • Work across all devices so that regardless of whether someone is on their mobile phone or their laptop, they will get a consistent and quality experience.
  • Builds trust with visitors, making it far more likely to convert them into loyal, paying customers.
  • Gives a visitor the information they want and expect to see all organised in a logical and intuitive fashion.
  • Have clear calls to action. We get your visitors to take the action that you want them to take.
  • Provides plenty of ways for visitors to get in touch with you.

20 years of web design experience

Great design is great for your business.

It is vital in building trust which as we know is essential in order to convert a visitor into a paying, loyal customer.

Not everyone is a designer, but we all know good design when we see it.

It immediately creates associations that the quality of the services or products that are being offered are also of a high quality.

On the flipside, even if your products or services are great, a poorly designed website has a negative impact on your business.

Some of our recent web design work for RBC Customs

Is great web design expensive?

We believe there is a way to bring great web design to every businesses website regardless of their budget.

In an ideal world, each and every page or page template on your website would be designed from scratch.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow for that then it’s best to focus the design efforts on the biggest impact pages.

Focus on your homepage first

Your home page is almost certainly going to be your most visited page and therefore your most important page.

It could be the only page a potential customer will see before deciding to use your services or products.

Therefore it makes perfect sense to use some of your budget on a great home page.

Then we could design a more hard working page, which is more versatile.

That could be used to build your about page which is also extremely important, your contact page and maybe a gallery.

If at this point your budget is exhausted, then during the web development phase, we can use those designs to bring a consitent look and feel to other areas of your site such as case studies and your blog landing and detail pages.

How do we ensure we deliver a great set of designs for your website?

Great web design begins with excellent communitcations with our clients.

We need and value your input as you will have expectations over how your website will and won’t look.

Our years of experience mean we will throw our design expertise into the mix and we will of course research your industry and competitors.

All of that information allows us to create a design brief for you to sign off before any work begins.

This document gives you the confidence that we will deliver what we say we’re going to deliver and for us it focuses our design efforts as we know exactly what you want.

Feedback is more than welcome

We’re confident that once you get your designs you’ll be delighted.

Everything that has gone before ensures this.

However, you will of course be entitled to a set of amends if you deem it necessary.

Although this is rare, we want you to know that it’s there for you.

It gives you the additional peace of mind necessary before committing to us a web design agency.


We’d love to use our design skills to make your website your most powerful marketing tool. If you think we can help then please give us a call on 0118 957 6290 or fill in the form below.