Like it or loathe it, everyone is on social media.

Therefore there is a permanent and large captive audience just waiting to be marketed to.

Let’s say you have 1000 contacts on Facebook for instance and each of those contacts in turn has 1000 contacts.

That’s an audience of one million people right at your fingertips.

I have nothing to say

I get it.  It feels cheesy to write content for say Twitter, you’re not that good at blowing your own trumpet.

What should help is that your competitors are doing it.

And the reason they’re doing it is because there is a limitless 24/7 audience out there waiting to be taken to your website.

Yes it has to be of interest, yes it has to be relevant and yes it might seem boring to Joe Average.

But if you demonstrate expertise in your field then that will filter out the high value customers that you want to come to your site.

Remember we don’t care about volume of traffic, we care about quality of traffic.

I don’t know how to use social media

Social media can seem daunting if you’re not used to it.

But it’s a very gentle learning curve because the big social media companies make it as easy as possible for people in order to increase their user base.

I don’t have the time

Quite honestly if you don’t have the time for social media, then don’t be on there.

There’s nothing worse then seeing an out of date social media account.  It’s actually harmful for your business.

But don’t think that you have to be on every social media channel.

Perhaps once you see the benefits of using one then you may be willing to invest more time in some others.

How we work

If you’ve decided that you want to engage with social media, then you have 2 options:

We show you not only how to post to the various social media channels that you’re interested in but also what to post


We manage your social media channels for you on a retainer basis.

Remember if you have Google analytics set up on your website, we can do this for you if you don’t, you can monitor how much traffic social media is sending to your site and deem whether it is a worthy investment or your time / money.

Running ads

If you have a marketing budget then social media can be used to run ads that target a very specific audience who you believe will be interested in your product or service.

We’re not talking about casting a net out to everyone here.  We’re talking drilling down into very fine details to ensure that your ads are put in front of the people who matter to you.

Interested in our social media services?

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