Email when used correctly is still an insanely powerful marketing tool.

We’re not talking about sending random emails to random people.  We’re talking about engaging with people who have given you their consent to market to them, also known as ‘strong leads’.

Emails are great because:

They are low cost

Very little investment is required in order to send out an email.

Turning that initial campaign into a template that can be used for future emails means you won’t have to keep putting your hand in your pocket.

If you choose to run subsequent campaigns yourself then your ROI (Return On Investment) will be increased as there is little to no cost after the first campaign.

It’s convenient

It’s no secret that people like to use their mobile phones and a large majority of that time is spent checking emails.

If people are looking at their email anyway and you have permission to market to them, then it’s a win-win.

It feels more personal

You can easily personalise a campaign to show a user’s name.

If you segment your list carefully, you can ensure that people only receive emails that you know they will be interested in.

It’s instant

If you have an offer on, your customers can know about it immediately.

Short on work, email your list and generate some revenue for yourself.

But be warned

You need to offer something of value to your customer.

Don’t send an email for the sake of sending one.

It must be informative, helpful or promote something that may be of benefit.

Always remember to put yourself in the position of your audience before sending an email.

Would you want to read what you are about to send?

How we work

With our email campaigns we can:

  • Integrate forms into your website that capture visitor email addresses.
  • Ensure these forms are GDPR compliant.
  • Create subscriber lists from these forms.
  • Automatically send out emails to subscribers.
  • Segment lists into groups to target them more effectively.
  • Create templates for you to quickly produce email campaigns, think one for latest news, one for special offers etc.
  • Give you feedback on how well your campaigns are performing.

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